Social Media is Getting To Your Head….

Social media websites such as Instagram and Snapchat have really changed the game for newer generations. Nowadays people are becoming pressurised into this “Drip or Drown” façade. This has caused a lot of people to live way beyond their means causing their bank balance to become unbalanced. In the Caribbean, we call this Palance. But please, by all means “do it for the gram” if you can afford it. Individuals who are living beyond their means debt levels are possibly increasing whilst their credit rating is decreasing all because of their lack of common sense and sheepery. You may ask what is sheepery?

“Sheepery is a new term that I have created whereby a flock of individuals follow their shepherd (i.e. influencers) . An example would be so called “trends” such as Air Pods.

Tianna. M (2019)

Sheepery is commonly found on social media websites such as twitter where a flock of sheep are constantly agreeing with their shepherd. If you dare to disagree with their shepherd, you are at risk of being cyber attacked. In all seriousness, websites such as twitter are dangerous as you can become brainwashed as you are constantly in the mind of others thoughts.

Question: Would you constantly put yourself and your health at risk by exposing yourself to X rays?

I assume not, so why would you want to constantly put yourself at risk by exposing yourself to other people’s thoughts a majority of the time? [A Level English really done me well, please do appreciate how I linked X rays to Social Media. Ice me out.]

Some social media websites are the real life version of the game “Simon Says”. If Simon tells it’s sheep to buy a certain item, it’s sheep will be herding and bending their back in all directions just to purchase this item. What a shame. Greetings ma, are you really happy with your purchase or is it just peer pressure hypnotising you? I will be honest again, some purchases that are promoted are well worth it. If you like it and you can afford it buy it, but if you’re buying it because others are buying it, please sit aside and reflect because you my friend are a lost sheep.

If you are currently a twitter user, please do take a break from the app, a social detox as I would call it. When you return, you will realise that for every scroll on your timeline you will detect a naïve zombie that is essentially “Dun out ere”. Twitter is the social media version of the film “Bird Box”. Please do get out of each-others minds and focus on your own growth because really and truly, you weren’t born to live for others, you were born to live for yourself.

If you cannot afford something but because “everyone has it, you must have it”, at the least think about ways how you can afford it e.g. a side hustle, a job, investing etc. People that use their finances such as student finance to fund a lifestyle beyond their means perplexes me. It is okay to fake it until you make it but please do not fake it until you break it (your bank account). Breaking your bank account will only leave you stressed and we do not want to be stressed, we want to be jubilant.

Be smart not foolish. Focus on you, not others. Do not be a sheep, be you.

Tianna. M

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