Motivation is within me but I’m just not motivated…

Everyone has experienced a period of time where they are overwhelmed in motivation and then all of a sudden, a day or two later, it’s back to procrastinating. It’s back to leaving things till “later” or starting things “next week”. Let me ask you something. Out of all the New Years Resolutions that you have set yourself at the beginning of the year, how many have you actually achieved or are on track to achieve?

Procrastination is literally the devil, it deteriorates our full potential and it stops us from achieving our ultimate best. Imagine if all of a sudden, procrastination stopped… Imagine if we all started to do things when we had the initial thought or urge to… Imagine if we all started to work on our dreams from now and it later turns into reality… Do you know how many millionaires there would be on this earth? This could be you… This could be us…

Do not let procrastination consume you. You are destined for greatness, do not settle.

Tianna. M (2019)

The fact is, procrastination is always going to be that undermining obstacle that lives in our head, but the trick is, you just need to learn how to control it. Once you are able to control some or even all of your procrastination, that greatness that you are destined for… you will and shall achieve it. Those grades that you’ve been yearning for, you will achieve it. This business plan that you have been working on for a while, it will be a success. That summer body that you’ve been wanting for several years now, you will accomplish it. You can’t put in 40% and expect 100% back. You can’t be on social media for the best part of the day viewing other people’s lives and expect income to find its way into your pocket. 

That “what if” feeling is one of the most distressing and self-sabotaging feelings. You do not want that. You do not want to live your life in regret. Start with baby steps because those small baby steps will soon transform into big, large leaps. Remember, you don’t just eat a whole meal in one gulp. You break down the meal in order for you to digest it. One step at a time… You will succeed.

Tips to get you motivated:

  • I have realised that deleting social media apps and not using social media for a while helps me to procrastinate a lot less. This is because going through my emails and reading the news because there is nothing else to do is not entirely fun, so in a way, I am forced to face my front and to work on what I need to work on.
  • Think positive and long term. Think about where you want to be in the future and set yourself goals along the way that will allow you to achieve this. Think about the future gains that you will receive and that amazing, proud feeling that you will gain.
  • Minimise your distractions. Sacrifice your nights out to work on you, because only you has got you in the end… Try to use your phone less and turn off your notifications. If you can’t concentrate at home, go to the library in order to complete whatever you set out to do if it’s necessary.
  • Think and act things into existence. Both the tongue and our actions are very powerful. Act now. Speak up. Promote yourself.
  • Watch motivational videos.

I have inserted links at the end of this blog of multiple motivational videos that I personally have found very inspiring.

Live to achieve and not to regret. Start now, not later. Do not be your own enemy of success. 

Tianna. M

Motivational videos:



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