You look fake…

Fake people with fake smiles, I can see your lips quivering because you’re forcing yourself to smile. Can I tell you something? It’s not by force. That conversation that you are trying to force with me… It’s not by force. This act that you’re putting on… please put it off.

Have you ever had someone who you know doesn’t like you try to act like everything is sweet? Not everyone is going to like you, let’s keep it real – but to fake a whole persona– who are you auditioning for? Do fake people know that their actions are blatant? Me personally, when I am not keen on someone it shows accidentally. My whole vibe will just expire. So it makes me question, how do fake people have the energy to carry on?

The worst kind of fake people are clout chasers. I personally find them so embarrassing as some of them have no morals whatsoever. Anything for clout they will do. It’s like clout is their Lord and saviour, their oxygen, their medication, their spouse, their limb. I find them quite scary because it’s like they’re so obsessed and fixated on one thing, who knows what else they will do to get a bit of attention? But anyway, get your coinz sis by any means (I’m a size XL in Chanel bags if you ever make it). In all seriousness, be wary of clout chasers, they will sacrifice you as if you’re a lamb. Remember, you are not a lamb, you are a goat. A real one.

Let’s quickly move onto fake friends. These people can destroy you. When I say destroy you, I mean ISIS mode. They are worse than your enemies because they can attack you from the inside without you even knowing. If you feel like you have a fake friend, please drop or draw yourself away from them because they are household spies and their bad intentions will reveal itself sooner or later. Remember, you can love these unusual individuals from a distance.

I have come across a few fake friends before and best believe, I have drawn away from them quicker than Usain Bolt could ever run. There is absolutely no way that I can ever let snakes be within a close proximity to me. It’s like drinking poison.

I have listed a few ways to spot a fake friend below. If you can instantly identify some and relate it back to one of your friends, you know what to do…

How to spot a fake one:

  1. They don’t support you or big you up;
  2. They try to bring you down constantly;
  3. They move weird when you tell them an achievement that you have made;
  4. They try provide any excuse to argue with you;
  5. They try to slow down your growth;
  6. When you need them most, they will shower you with excuses

These are not your friends; they are “fakiends”. Hence the word “fak” which resembles the swear word because they need to fak outta here . You do not need any toxic people in your life. Life is already hard as it is.

Remove all the fakitivity away from your surroundings. Be selective when it comes to choosing friends. Be careful of who you voice your business to. Trust your intuition.

Tianna. M

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