Tomorrow Is Not Promised

I know that you’ve possibly seen the saying above a million of times. It’s crazy how we feel as if we are so in control of our lives but in reality, we are not. Everything is a hazard.

Tomorrow is not promised” is a saying that has really dwelled on me this week. This week my cousin died due to knife crime, it was so unexpected, I still believe it’s a lie. He was trying to change his life up, become a better him – it angers and hurts me that his life had to end this way.

Why is it at times that when someone wants to change their life around, somehow they end up dead? You constantly hear headlines like this especially when it comes to knife crime and the youths of today. I feel like some people fail to recognise that when someone dies, someone else’s soul dies with them. That’s someone’s child/brother/sister/uncle/auntie etc. One life gone damages another life forever.

With death, the question “what if” overrules our minds. What if they stayed at home? What if they didn’t meet this person? What if they listened? What if, What if, What if? I was discussing this earlier with my brother and he explained something to me called “The butterfly effect”.

 “The butterfly effect is the idea that small events can have a large, unpredictable influence on the future.”

This theory made so much sense to me, especially when it comes to deaths that are not health related. Even hearing about Cadet’s and Emiliano Sala’s death has perplexed and frustrated me. They were both starting to really excel in their chosen career for them to unfortunately die in someone else’s hands. Why? Sala was inches away from a transfer deal to a better team and Cadet’s music was really taking him places, he was even going to perform at wireless this year. Referring back to the butterfly effect, you start to ask questions such as “What if they had a different driver?” Small little details like that you wouldn’t think would change someone’s destiny forever. Sadly, for some, it does.

Life is cruel sometimes. It is so unpredictable. In life you need to and have to be grateful for those surrounding you, especially your family and friends. Take time out and check up on them. Do not be selfish towards them, especially if they’re your parent/carer. Tomorrow is not promised. You do not want to live your life with regret. I have started to get into the practice of thanking God every time I wake up because I feel like it is the little things in life like this that we take for granted. If you are also religious, please do pray for your family and loved ones because that could honestly make all the difference.

If there is something that you really want to do or achieve in life, put your all into it as the saying goes, “life is too short”. You want to be remembered for something great.

Look after yourself. Appreciate your family and loved ones around you. Check up on your loved ones. Be careful.

RIP to my Cousin, Cadet, Sala and those who have lost their lives. I pray that you are in a better place now and that your family and loved ones find the healing and closure that they need.

Tianna. M

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