So You Went To Uni To Learn How To Smoke?

Disclaimer: smokers I cannot be bothered for your smoke so if you are sensitive and you read on, that’s your own soz.

For the case of this post, I will be referring to the happy weed smokers (but if the shoe fits then wear it).

I know a lot of people when I was in first year that learned how to smoke from uni. At first they did it socially but then they became addicted and before you know it “wake and bake” became their lifestyle. Please if this is you, before you “bake”, make sure that you also “wake” up your toothbrush because pollution is real. Have you not heard of global warming?

The thing about some of these smokers is that they will not admit that they are addicted, they will tell you that they can “stop”. Okay traffic light. We both know the truth… I literally know someone who came to uni to study for a degree and left with a spliff. It’s actually sad to be honest because they put themselves in debt with student finance for a harmful trade-off. Isn’t that madness? Shouldn’t you of went cunch instead? 

I rate the smokers who do not let their high affect their goals of graduating from uni. I’ve seen people who because they’re high all the time, their grades deteriorated and they possibly had to retake the year. The thing is most will never blame the weed. Please abi, what is in weed that makes you always stick up for it, is it weed you’re married to?

In my opinion, I feel like it is okay to smoke sometimes but do not let the smoke take over your life. Do not let the high navigate you into the wrong direction and blur your path. If you have an addiction, there are some health and mental services available that are free that you can use. If you are using weed as a means of “escaping from reality”, there are other better ways I promise you. It is not worth your physical and mental health.

Do not be a slave to drugs. Do not let anything get in the way of your success. Take care of yourself.

Tianna. M


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